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Our platform
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Platform Features

We originally designed our platform to assist us in managing wage parity for our clients. It’s emerged into a robust software with ever-evolving functionality.

Hosted on our private server with 256-bit encryption and data backups occurring every 60 seconds.

Use wage parity funds to satisfy Paid Time Off requirements. Employees can also track their PTO earnings.

Seamlessly integrate with your payroll company or agency management system, creating further autonomy.

Meticulous tracking of your agency’s wage parity funds for full transparency of where monies go.

Access to your historical data 24/7 for convenient report pulling.

Upload one monthly file using our simple template, ideal for any DIY user.

Employee Portal

One of the marquee features of our service is our Employee Portal. In the portal, employees can:

  • Cherry-pick their benefits

  • View the pages in their desired language

  • Download forms and brochures for benefits

  • See their PTO balance and request time off

  • View informative videos regarding the program

Employees can use the sample calculator in the portal to get an idea of how much will go to their Flex cards based on their benefit choices.

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