About Us

We exist because Wage Parity does

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Who Are We?

We are a tech-based TPA, combining intelligent technology with high-quality administration services. Our primary focus is on keeping home care agencies compliant with the Wage Parity Law.

What We Offer

We offer an ethical, transparent experience for our clients. Our secure, proprietary software was designed specifically for wage parity. Our industry experience gives us unique insight to the numerous challenges facing home care agencies.


How We Differ

We are the first company to innovate the Wage Parity industry with our proprietary database. Our clients enjoy value added services that help them run their business more effectively at no additional cost to their bottom line. Unlike other administrators, our core culture as a technology firm is a unique spin on the industry, promoting an unfamiliar transparency that was needed in Wage Parity.

We are also the first, and ONLY, company to allow employees to choose their Wage Parity benefits.

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