About Us

We exist because Wage Parity and Prevailing Wage does

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Who We Are

We are a tech-based TPA that combines intelligent technology with high quality administration services. Our clientele consists of home care agencies who must comply with New York’s Wage Parity Law, and construction contractors subject to Prevailing Wage Laws in the U.S.

What We Offer

We offer a simplified solution for the complex challenges that Wage Parity and Prevailing Wage laws present for our clients. Our proprietary software was designed with features and functionality that aligns with the nuances of these respective laws. We pride ourselves on providing an ethical, transparent experience for our clients and their employees.


Our Process

We don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach for our clients. Each company receives an individualized plan designed to:

1. Keep them compliant 2. Alleviate administrative burdens 3. Attract and retain better talent

Our implementation specialists use a guided approach to make getting set up as easy as possible. We take the additional time to get the details right in the beginning so that ongoing servicing is pain free.